Monday, November 16, 2015

The Brady Bunch Breakdown of Love Medicine

Q2: Characterization – Why is this character important? Are they the protagonist or antagonist? Why? What do they add to the text? Describe the character in detail.

This is the character chart for the novel. As you can see with multiple narrators, keeping up with the family tree and the connections between each character can be very confusing. Nector Kashpaw is the most recent character in my memory, I will start with him.
He is a self-described "good-looking boy, tall and slim, without a belly hanging in the way" who could "have the pick of girls" when he was a young man. However, his current marriage and the responsibilites of taking care of a very large family causes him to lose a little bit more of his swagger every year. He is an alcoholic and a philanderer who accidentally sets the house of his mistress on fire. While I feel a bit sorry for him (BAZINGA!), he is responsible for his own situation.

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