Saturday, November 21, 2015

No, it's not a Bon Jovi song

Q2:Surprised or Puzzled? – Is there something that surprises you does not appear to fit in the text? Explain why you feel this way. Discuss why something does not make sense to you or why your views might be different from the author’s intended purpose.

I am not yet sure exactly what love medicine is supposed to mean. It is briefly mentioned, but I am still confused as to why it is the title of the novel. Lulu asks her uncle how he has manages such a passionate relationship with her aunt even though they fight all of the time. She thinks it must be some kind of "magic."

"What's your love medicine," I asked Nanapush that evening, after I was allowed back inside. Rushes Bear had walked off, slower and more thoughtful as she moved down the hill, merely brushing the leaves out of her way. "She hates you but you drive her crazy." Then, Lipsha mentions the title again when she is trying to keep Nector away from Lulu. She says, "It hits me, anyway. Them geese, they mate for life. And I think to myself, just what if I went out and got a pair? And just what if I fed some part—say the goose heart—of the female to Grandma and Grandpa ate the other heart? Wouldn't that work? Maybe it's all invisible, and then maybe again it's magic. Love is a stony road." 

However, since Nector dies after choking on the heart, it seems that love medicine is not magic at all.

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