Monday, November 30, 2015

Not a white walker

Q2: Picture or Word – Find a picture or a word that connects with the text. If it is a picture, paste it onto that page of your blog. Why does this fit with the text? Why did it stand out to you? Why is it important?

Even when it started to snow she did not lose her sense of direction. Her feet grew numb, but she did not worry about the distance. The heavy winds couldn’t blow her off course. She continued. Even when her heart clenched and her skin turned crackling cold it didn’t matter, because the pure and naked part of her went on.
The snow fell deeper that Easter than it had in forty years, but June walked over it like water and came home.

This quote describes a time when June is broke, drunk, and surviving by doing favors for men. Although she is tough and relentless like Jon Snow, she succumbs to her own vices, ignores the weather, and ends up freezing to death. Since this isn't in the Game of Thrones series, it is doubtful that June will become a white walker. This picture reflects the blizzard that overtakes June and it is also a reminder to heed Mother Nature's warnings whether they be about blizzards or the dangers of excess.


  1. Your quote and picture remind me of my book! The author did not give much insight about the journey the Invisible Man took to get to the village, but this is how I imagined his walk through the snowy land. I like that the author of your novel includes specific details about the main character of your book, because H. G. Wells has not focused much on the Invisible Man himself in my book yet. I guess that is part of the mystery, even the reader doesn't know a lot about the Invisible Man!

  2. I think the picture was a good choice. It not only captures the snow, but the guy looks very cautious of what is to come next.