Saturday, November 21, 2015

Choking on a turkey heart

Q1:Pick a quote – Why is it important? What does it add to the piece of literature? Why did it stand out to you? 

"She offered money, more money, until she offered so much that I had to forget my dignity. So I was paid by this woman a round two hundred dollars for standing stock still in a diaper. I could not believe it, later, when she showed me the picture. Plunge of the Brave, was the title of it. Later on, that picture would become famous. It would hang in the Bismarck state capitol. There I was, jumping off a cliff, naked of course, down into a rocky river. Certain death. Remember Custer’s saying? The only good Indian is a dead Indian? Well from my dealings with whites I would add to that quote: “The only interesting Indian is dead, or dying by falling backwards off a horse.” When I saw that the greater world was only interested in my doom, I went home…" Nector Kashpaw

This quote reflects not only young Nector's arrogance, but it also hihglights one of the themes: the clash of the past with the present as well as the impact of stereotyping of the Native American culture. Although he is an educated tribal leader, Nector is not a character who I respect. Since he was educated and had clout in the community, he could have been a much more influential character. However, he is a slave to his emotions and his lust for a former flame Lulu. He is the youngest son of Margaret (Rushes Bear) and Kashpaw. He is sent to government school and eventually marries Marie. She pushes him to be involved in tribal politics and he eventually becomes chairman of the tribe. He has a five-year affair with Lulu, during which they conceive a son, Lyman.

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